All employees of of "Respect 007" Ltd. . pass through psychological test and have a professional and language skills corresponding to the position he held. All have badges identifying them as employees of the company who are required to present to the client.

As required by the Employer shall be implemented access control, which provides
controlled access of persons and vehicles in secured site. Our company works entirely on internal rules drawn up by the Contracting Authority.

Workers involved in the security services have the following duties:

- To guide all outsiders as direct them to the correct department connection.

- To observe the rules of procedure established by the Employer and to allow the site office hours only officers or employees for which a written order for overtime.

- Check that bulky baggage of staff, corporate and other vehicles - so entering and exiting the site.

- To continuously beat the subject to avoid uncontrolled intrusion into it.

- To observe the actions and movements of workers, employees and customers on the site, in order to prevent malicious actions on company property.

Building video surveillance systems consistent with the individual requirements of each object.

"Respect 007" provides design, construction and commissioning of various types – alarm signaling equipment. From technique to guard a small shop or apartment to complex security systems for all types of buildings, structures, facilities, businesses, etc. "Respect 007" shows an individual approach to each client and offers a personalized quotation, entirely consistent with the specifics of the site.

Our company has a specialist team to advise on technical and physical safeguarding of sites.

Tracking peoples ....... We guarantee complete confidentiality by our detectives on shared information.

The work is supervised by our highly qualified employees who supervise over the security guards at different times of day. In this way regulate the guards. Patrols located in all areas of the city and the area used for quick reaction and support of the guards in an extreme situation.s

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